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Gambia: Diasporan Gambians Set Up Elections Command Center Ahead Of Thursday’s Polls!

Published on Freedom Newspaper Introducing the Gambia 2016 Election Command Center Team The Coalition 2016 Strategic Command Center is a joint taskforce created in consultation with the Coalition 2016 leadership in The Gambia to provide technical, logistic, and other support to further advance the Coalition’s campaign efforts. The Command Centre consisting of Diaspora and Banjul based teams are tasked to seek information, produce ideas and offer timely and adequate analysis on the political situation in the Gambia. This includes monitoring, assessing and understanding the strengths, weaknesses and plans of the regime, and how best to prepare and position the Coalition to engage and pursue its objectives. It also engages international stakeholders, i.e. governments and international and regional organizations to which the Gambia is a member by providing them with timely information and analysis on the situation in the Gambia to further generate their concern to stand with the Gambian people. The Command Center team in the Gambia are under the leadership of Honorable Samba Jallow and Mr. Ousman Sillah (PDOIS). The Diaspora Command Center team members are listed below with Dr. Malanding Jaiteh as Team leader and Spokesperson. Our IT team assists in providing public access to all official news, videos and audio materials and election results. The two teams will work in tandem to ensure that Gambians and the world at large are accorded timely information about the...

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Vote Adama Barrow for the sake of these victims!

Arrested, tortured and killed in prison on April 15,, 2016 Solo Sandeng Youth Leader Mariama Jawara Youth Activist The following were arrested and or unaccounted for since their abduction on April 14th, 2016 Ousianou Darboe (Leader and SG of UDP) Momodou Sanneh Lamin Dibba Kemeseng Janneh (former minority leader in the National Assembly) Femi Peters (Publicity Secretary) Fakebba Colley Lamin Jatta Jukuba Suso Lamin Ceesay-Kiang Tapha Makalo Fanta Darboe Doudo Ceesay Ismaila Ceesay Kebba Khan Amadou Saho Alhagie Fatty Omar Drammeh Lalo Jawla Arfang Amadou Saho Jesuwang Lamin Manjang Alhagie Njie Abdou Camara Lamin Komma Solo Sandeng (died under...

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To the First Lady, With Love

Four thank-you notes to Michelle Obama, whohas spent the past eight years quietly and confidentlychanging the course of American history. By CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE, GLORIA STEINEM, JON MEACHAM and RASHIDA JONES  OCT. 17, 2016 By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: She had rhythm, a flow and swerve, hands slicing air, body weight moving from foot to foot, a beautiful rhythm. In anything else but a black American body, it would have been contrived. The three-quarter sleeves of her teal dress announced its appropriateness, as did her matching brooch. But the cut of the dress scorned any “future first lady” stuffiness; it...

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LOUD WHISPERS: What Are You Thankful For?

By Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi As I was thinking about what to write for Loud Whispers this week, I was determined that it would not be any ‘gripe writing’. There is so much negativity going around locally, nationally and internationally, that anxiety, anger and sadness has been normalized. It is difficult to summon up positive energy when all you hear is bad news. I am therefore going to list some things which make me happy and give me cause to be thankful. For once, I want to name some of my blessings other than gripe about all the gloom and doom. Maybe...

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Women do four years more work than men in lifetime.

Report by ActionAid ahead of UN general assembly reveals burden of unpaid care work on women around the world By Amelia Hill @byameliahill A young woman entering the job market today can expect to do an average of four years more work than her male peers over her working lifetime, according to a report. Time spent by women around the world on paid and unpaid labour amounts to an extra month for every year of work. The charity ActionAid will present the report, Not Ready, Still Waiting, at the United Nations general assembly on Thursday. Highlighting the global burden of unpaid...

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  • Free At Last!! Gambians Have freed all December 30th Incident Heroes through a Presidential Pardon!!

    Free At last! December 30 Heroes Freed from Life Imprisonment! ! The people of Gambia have freed their Heroes! The December 30th Freedom Foundation is hereby pleased to announce that all our of heroes who were part of the December 30th, 2014 incident have just been released with a full pardon, by President Adama Barrow, … Readmore

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