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12 Amazing Images That Remind Everyone Women Are The Bosses Of Their Bodies

Kim Bellware Associate Chicago Editor Women around the world represent a rich mosaic of experiences and expressions, but the one belief that unifies the sisterhood: Don’t you dare tell a woman what to do with her body. That resounding message became clear to Brazilian artist Carol Rossetti after her series illustrating female empowerment quickly spread from her circle of Facebook friends to women across the globe. It’s already been translated into 16 different languages by friends and fans. “It was a very personal project that I never expected to grow to what it did,” the 26-year-old artist told The Huffington Post via video chat from her home in Belo Horizonte. “People from all over the world are coming to me to translate the illustrations into their languages. There are people asking me to translate my work to Arabic, Indonesian, and some places where I really have no idea what people would think about this project of mine.” Taking a deeper look into the relationship between control and women’s bodies, behavior and identities was something Rossetti says had been on her mind “for some time.” “People watch ‘Mad Men’ and they think [this kind of misogyny] is over,” Rossetti said. But the artist also found that talking about feminist issues had the tendency to make people defensive. “[People] couldn’t really see how this ‘gender thing’ was an issue. I wanted...

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Woman who was gang raped takes to catwalk at Pakistan fashion week

By Tom Embury-Dennis | @tomemburyd | Wednesday 2 November 2016 A woman who was gang-raped and paraded naked in public on the orders of her tribe’s elders has taken to the catwalk 14 years later, in an effort to inspire courage among women in Pakistan.  Mukhtar Mai suffered the horrendous ordeal as punishment after a council in Pakistan ruled her brother had insulted a rival clan in 2002. The 44-year-old took to the runway on Tuesday during the country’s annual fashion week.  A red-carpet reception in the southern city of Karachi, attended by the country’s fashion elite, served as the forum for Mai’s symbolic...

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Women Are Their Own Worst Enemy: Ten Ways To Prove This Saying Wrong

By Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi Last week  I was a Guest Speaker at a workshop in  Abuja on Women and Youth in Political Participation. During the discussions that followed, there was a consistent reference to the saying ‘Women are their own worst enemies’, echoed by both male and female participants. From my own experience, I can argue both sides of the case. I know that women are capable of doing unspeakable things to other women, I have no illusions about that.  However, like an incurable romantic, my position has always been that it is not women who are each other’s worst...

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The Dangerous Business of Journalism in The Gambia

Posted by Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 The Dangerous Business of Journalism in The GambiaOn the UN International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, we highlight what journalists go through in the Gambia #NoImpunity #EndImpunity Posted by Media Foundation for West Africa(MFWA) on Wednesday, November 2,...

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