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The UN Special Envoy Mohammed Ibn Chambers is No Friend of the people

The UN special Envoy Mohammed Ibn Chambers is reported to be in Banjul ahead of the December 1st elections, to meet with the stakeholders. Mr. Chambers is not known to be a friend of the oppressed people of Africa, instead he has a long history of rubbing shoulders with African Dictators, including working for Jerry Rawlings of Ghana. He is just another smooth talking highly educated African  elite, with a big job title, and big salary, but little accomplishments; in terms of achieving peaceful transfers of power in Africa. Instead, the flames of conflict are scorching the African plains, from the East, Central , West and South. Gambians cannot expect Mr. Chambers to speak for us, or on our behalf. He does Not follow up on any promises he made the last time he visited, wined and dined  by Dictator Yaya Jammeh,  and has NO power of enforcement of the UN’s own various mandates and statutes to protect the people from murderous regimes. Soon after the December 30th incident, he promised to “investigate” the simmering conflict in Gambia, and to demand for the release of the bodies of the heroes, the rel;ease of political prisoners, and those who were assassinated through death penalty. So, Gambians and the Coalition of the Willing should not waste their valuable time to allow this professional hustler, Mr. Ibn Chambers, to earn his salary...

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Gambia Coalition Leaders concession and closing remarks.

Rape can Never be legitimate because it occurred long ago  in the past. The victims Never forget, and Gambia will Never forget, without Justice, Reparations, and then Reconciliation, in that order!  There can Never be harmony and development in any society, without justice, fairness, accountability, probity, transparency,  without acknowledging the victims, without correcting the wrongs of the past, to make sure that they Never occur again,just like in Germany (after WWII), South  Africa, and Rwanda. Gambians expect No less, in the Third Republic. The power of the state must be tamed, checked, and reduced to make sure it is Never used to curtail teh freedoms of its own citizens without recourse. Power must be decentralized,and returned to the people, at the grassroots level; people must be able  to elect their own Alkalolus  ( village heads) without the state imposing it on them. Dictator Yaya Jammeh forced himself violently,  on Gambia in 1994, and then used the democratic process, bastardized it, to legitimate himself. Along the way, he , coerced, bought, and forced  loyalty out of the people. Many have since been murdered, disappeared ( by his secret killing death squads), silenced and exiled. He equated development with erratic and unplanned monuments, roads in the middle of nowhere, controlled state resources, inserted himself in the economy, isolated the country. In the process, he destroyed the private sector, while enriching himself,...

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The Next President For Gambia, post Jammeh Dictatorship ……

So, the question every Gambian should be asking themselves, as we prepare for the most consequential elections against Dictator Yaya Jammeh;s 22 years of tyranny, on December 1st , 2016, is; if the cause of right and justice wins, what kind of leader can we hope for? Many analysts still believe, the odds are still stacked too high against the opposition, considering the fact that, the cornered and wounded Dictator has the power of incumbency and continues to deny them the basic instruments of a democratic society, such as; access to state resources, free access to media, and not be intimidated by the  secret police and militia loyal to the Dictator. These elections pose an existential threat to Dictator Yaya Jammeh, because Gambians have never been so dissatisfied, hungrier, sicker, poorer, more afraid, and more isolated in our history. Nations, over time, are defined, or take the character of their leaders, for good or bad. It is very evident, that Dictator Yaya Jammeh, for all the wrong reasons, has come to define Gambia as a comical, pariah, and failed state. So, the bar is already too high for anyone who is going to inherit the ship of state, come December 2nd, 2016, that is, if the opposition can pull the upset. Great nations and civilizations are defeated because of wrong leaders in times of challenge or disaster, and Africa...

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What Does Development Look Like ? Senegal is showing us. Are we paying attention?

According to RFI, Pesident Mack Sall of Senegal, on Saturday, October 22nd,  inaugurated Africa’s largest solar power plant without much fanfare. The plant, located at Bokhol, in the North,  will generate 20 megawatts of electricity. The plant was completed in 8 months, with 25 Million Euros of direct foreign investment. So, it does pay to have a non-antagonistic foreign policy, unlike neighboring Gambia, under Dictator Yaya Jammeh, who has succeeded in isolating the tiny country.   This is what development looks like. It is about leadership accountability, being responsive, responsible and pragmatic. Not what Dictator Yaya Jammeh , for twenty two years, has reduced the hopes, dreams, aspirations, expectations of Gambians; endless, intractable, delusional ” Visions”, promises of the tropical “Dubai’s”, or “Singapores”! Development is about people, not cold, impersonal monuments that are only meant to bolster the fragile and unaccomplished image of a Dictator, as is the sad case of Gambia under Dictator Yaya Jammeh, since 1994. Development is a concept, to create policies that would free the people’s imagination, freedom, ingenuity to invest and participate in building the country from the bottom up, not imposed from the top down, and managed by the oligarchy for their own selfish and material enrichment, hoping that the crumbs will trickle down to the battered and “ungrateful” poor, the intimidated, persecuted, terrified and  huddled masses of Gambia. Development must be planned,...

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African leaders steal over $50billion annually! What an understatement!

African leaders steal over $50billion annually, says German parliament Dictator Yaya Jammeh is the biggest thief of them by proportion, and dint of the size of Gambia and meager resources! This is Not news for the people who actually  live in Africa. The misery is all around, and it is the source of economic depression, social disorder and conflict. Dictator Yaya Jammeh of Gambia claims he is a “Pan -Africanist” ( rightfully called ” The Manhattan Pan-Africanist” ), while his daughter, Mariam, attends the most expensive private high school in all of Manhattan, New York ( Lehman School), if not the entire United States, paying $82,000 a year! What an irony, ….Dictator Jammeh seized power violently, to stop ” rampant corruption”, and because senior servants were living “flamboyant lifestyles”, driving mostly used German cars, nad enjoying barbecues on weekends, in their own homes! Today, Jammeh owns a fleet of armored  Rolls Royce Phantoms, while the only teaching hospital cannot afford pain killers, or maintain safe and working ferries that connect the Northern to the Southern half of the country! Only in Africa, some victims will try to rationalize this kind of predatory behavior against them, and he seeking another term in 2016,  to extend the misery to 30years! President Obama of the United States dare not send his daughters to that same school without generating public outcry and criticism...

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    Free At last! December 30 Heroes Freed from Life Imprisonment! ! The people of Gambia have freed their Heroes! The December 30th Freedom Foundation is hereby pleased to announce that all our of heroes who were part of the December 30th, 2014 incident have just been released with a full pardon, by President Adama Barrow, … Readmore

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