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We Are Soliciting Character Letters – Alagie Boye Court Hearing. Show your Support and Appreciation

Alagie Boye of North Carolina is one of the December 30th 20114 Heroes. This young man placed everything on the line, including his freedom, in the name of freedom. Freedom is Not Free! This is the time for all us to show our support and appreciation, and be there for him and his family. When the history of this era is written, our December 30th Heroes will be among those who did more than just talking, crying and waiting. The Gambia, since December 30th, 2014, will never be the same. Dictators do not have a history of surrendering power to the people peacefully. The Gambian people will no longer beg for their freedom, they are demanding it. Dictator Yaya Jammeh promised us peace and development, 22 years ago; Twenty two years later, we have neither peace, nor development, with half of the youth, the best and the brightest fleeing the country. Twenty years later, Gambians are freer, more successful, and do well for themselves, everywhere else EXCEPT in their own country! The status quo of isolation, economic and mental depression of the Gambian people , under twenty years of tyranny is not sustainable… All Alagie Boye is asking is for you is to send him letters of support to his attorney as his case meanders through the court system. You can do this right from the comfort of your...

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To be or Not to be …Gambian opposition parties this is it – 2016 General Elections!

The the Gambian opposition parties have reached an agreement on the process to selecting a unity coalition consensus candidate for the December 2016 General elections, to take on the cornered Dictator, Yaya Jammeh. It was a difficult decision, and GDC was the only party that did not sign the document. It is not a perfect document, but at least they have somewhere to start. There is a lot of work left to be done to select the candidate hopefully, by the end of October 2016. Please read article below by Yero Jallow of Gainako Newspaper.   The Spotlight: The Scramble for the Gambia 2016; Part IX – Whither GOFER, and whither the Gambia...

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Obama Administration Bans Yaya Jammeh’s government officials and their families from travelling to the United States!

Christmas in October! Hallelujah! Thank God almighty!!! Vindication! Victory comes in small packages and the battered and suffering Gambian people will wholeheartedly accept this early Christmas gift from the Obama  administration, although with some fixed feelings ! The Jammeh junta will start to feel some pain because they can no longer visit their playgrounds in the United States, because of this travel ban! We don’t know the reasons yet for the deportations, and whether the pending deportees are all natural born Gambians. We expect and predict that the Junta administration will capitulate very quickly so they don’t loose visa privileges to the playground of the corrupt officials. The US is where they launder milk money of Gambian children, through purchase of properties, cars, expensive equipment,  and placing their children in US colleges. We hope the US government will follow up and freeze assets acquired illicitly. This is a developing story and more clarification is needed as to whether First Lady Zainab Jammeh will still be allowed to visit for frequent shopping sprees , while staying at her $3.5M exclusive Potomac Maryland robbers den  More on this later. Please read below …...

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The Future of Gambian Children is being forfeited, or sacrificed for the selfish and material benefit of the present….

This run away train of failure, of the Dictator Jammeh junta, must be brought to its knees, the sooner the better! !! If this failure rate does Not alarm and scare you, then you are part of the problem, and an apologist for failure!!The 2016 WASSCE high school exit exams is calamitous!! How low can we lower the standards, in a competitive world, to rationalize and even normalize this level of failure and incompetence? Please do your own comparative research, around the West Africa sub-region, or Africa as a whole, and see for yourself if any other country comes...

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  • Free At Last!! Gambians Have freed all December 30th Incident Heroes through a Presidential Pardon!!

    Free At last! December 30 Heroes Freed from Life Imprisonment! ! The people of Gambia have freed their Heroes! The December 30th Freedom Foundation is hereby pleased to announce that all our of heroes who were part of the December 30th, 2014 incident have just been released with a full pardon, by President Adama Barrow, … Readmore

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