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The December 30 Gambia Freedom Foundation (D30 GFF) is built on trust, dignity and compassion.
Our purpose, foremost, is to ensure that all our December 30 heroes, fallen and alive,
and their families, as well as all other persons who gave up their lives for the
betterment of our country, The Gambia, are remembered and honored.

December 30 Gambia Freedom Foundation
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide sustainable resources to support the December 30th heroes and their families and to pursue their aspirations in advancing good governance, rule of law and freedom through a democratic process in the Gambia. We believe that engaging in a democratic process we can advance good governance, rule of law and freedom in the Gambia. We aim to meaningfully contribute in the peaceful transition of The Gambia to a democratic state governed by the rule of law, and respecting of the civic and individual rights of all peoples through proven strategies including impactful advocacy, activism, and lobbying.

D30 Gambia Freedom Foundation