Rape can Never be legitimate because it occurred long ago  in the past. The victims Never forget, and Gambia will Never forget, without Justice, Reparations, and then Reconciliation, in that order!  There can Never be harmony and development in any society, without justice, fairness, accountability, probity, transparency,  without acknowledging the victims, without correcting the wrongs of the past, to make sure that they Never occur again,just like in Germany (after WWII), South  Africa, and Rwanda. Gambians expect No less, in the Third Republic. The power of the state must be tamed, checked, and reduced to make sure it is Never used to curtail teh freedoms of its own citizens without recourse. Power must be decentralized,and returned to the people, at the grassroots level; people must be able  to elect their own Alkalolus  ( village heads) without the state imposing it on them.

Dictator Yaya Jammeh forced himself violently,  on Gambia in 1994, and then used the democratic process, bastardized it, to legitimate himself. Along the way, he , coerced, bought, and forced  loyalty out of the people. Many have since been murdered, disappeared ( by his secret killing death squads), silenced and exiled. He equated development with erratic and unplanned monuments, roads in the middle of nowhere, controlled state resources, inserted himself in the economy, isolated the country. In the process, he destroyed the private sector, while enriching himself, his family and friends –  created a whole new class of and corrupt and greedy plutocrats and oligarchy.

Today The Gambian people are living on a starvation, and hunger diet, in misery, deepening poverty, with no jobs, or no salary increases  for civil servants for twenty years!

The newly formed Gambian Opposition Coalition is our only hope to reverse the bad state of affairs. The following article from FOROYAA newspaper captures the concession, and closing remarks of the major stakeholders; Dr. Bolong Bojang, Hon. Halifa Sallah, Hon. Hamat Bah, and Hon. Omar A. Jallow. They are words of wisdom, reassurance and defiance. Let’s spread the words to the people who need to hear it on the ground in Gambia.


Statements of opposition leaders after declaration of National Convention results