The regime of Dictator Yaya Jammeh is executing and carrying out the threats he made months ago, to wipe out the Mandinka people in Gambia. So far, this election season, the secret police has been carrying out targeted abductions against prominent people of various tribes to intimidate and silence the growing undercurrent of dissent and resentment.

Two prominent members of the state owned broadcast house ( GRTS), Managing Director, Momodou Sabally, and presenter Bakary Fatty, were both picked up on November 7th and 8th respectively, for simply covering the nomination GDC candidate,  Mamma Kandeh. On November 10th, a prominent member of the Coalition party, Mr. Omar Manley Jabang, or Kartong, was also picked up by the secret police, after attending a  massively successful nomination and rally. Mr. Jabang was a prominent member of the regime’s party, the APRC, until he cross carpeted to the Coalition ( his only crime). Also, on November 10th, a young private and professional photographer, Mr. Alagie Manka, was also picked up by the secret police. These are systematic abductions, sponsored by the state, as December 1st elections draw near.

Where is the International Criminal Court (ICC), and Fatou Bensouda, or the UN Special Envoy, Muhammed Ibn Chambers? Mr. Chambers was just in Banjul, wining and dining with the Dictator, while the abductions were unfolding. We are seeing all the signs of the beginning of genocide, and the ICC continues to look the other way. The people can only take so much before they exercise their right to self defense. It is the regime of Dictator Yaya Jammeh who has directed his forces to assassinate, abduct, disappear, and persecute Gambian citizens who have come  to realize what kind of fraud, thief and megalomaniac he is.  Be vigilant and use your phones to record every illegal activity being perpetrated by security forces. Long live the Gambia people and the Coalition for change 2016.