Christmas in October! Hallelujah! Thank God almighty!!!

Vindication! Victory comes in small packages and the battered and suffering Gambian people will wholeheartedly accept this early Christmas gift from the Obama  administration, although with some fixed feelings !

The Jammeh junta will start to feel some pain because they can no longer visit their playgrounds in the United States, because of this travel ban!

We don’t know the reasons yet for the deportations, and whether the pending deportees are all natural born Gambians.

We expect and predict that the Junta administration will capitulate very quickly so they don’t loose visa privileges to the playground of the corrupt officials. The US is where they launder milk money of Gambian children, through purchase of properties, cars, expensive equipment,  and placing their children in US colleges. We hope the US government will follow up and freeze assets acquired illicitly. This is a developing story and more clarification is needed as to whether First Lady Zainab Jammeh will still be allowed to visit for frequent shopping sprees , while staying at her $3.5M exclusive Potomac Maryland robbers den  More on this later. Please read below …