The Future of Gambian Children is being forfeited, or sacrificed for the selfish and material benefit of the present….

by | Sep 18, 2016

This run away train of failure, of the Dictator Jammeh junta, must be brought to its knees, the sooner the better! !! If this failure rate does Not alarm and scare you, then you are part of the problem, and an apologist for failure!!The 2016 WASSCE high school exit exams is calamitous!!

How low can we lower the standards, in a competitive world, to rationalize and even normalize this level of failure and incompetence? Please do your own comparative research, around the West Africa sub-region, or Africa as a whole, and see for yourself if any other country comes any close to this level of failing the future generations. And yet, decent people seem to believe or dismiss this as if it does not matter, or even accept it, with a philosophical explanation! !

Folks, the future is being lost, or sacrificed, or forfeited to the present, for the selfish and material benefit of the present and ageing generation. The present must accept that at this level of failure, there will be No future to take care of the present ageing generation when they can no longer provide for themselves.

No other people or country will accept this level of failure , period!! Small does not, and should not mean we cannot think big, aim higher, demand the best, or be a merit based society…..enough is enough .. for the sake of our children and country …please read Sidi Sanneh Blog below. Dictator Yaya Jammeh must be defeated….now!