The UN special Envoy Mohammed Ibn Chambers is reported to be in Banjul ahead of the December 1st elections, to meet with the stakeholders. Mr. Chambers is not known to be a friend of the oppressed people of Africa, instead he has a long history of rubbing shoulders with African Dictators, including working for Jerry Rawlings of Ghana. He is just another smooth talking highly educated African  elite, with a big job title, and big salary, but little accomplishments; in terms of achieving peaceful transfers of power in Africa. Instead, the flames of conflict are scorching the African plains, from the East, Central , West and South.

Gambians cannot expect Mr. Chambers to speak for us, or on our behalf. He does Not follow up on any promises he made the last time he visited, wined and dined  by Dictator Yaya Jammeh,  and has NO power of enforcement of the UN’s own various mandates and statutes to protect the people from murderous regimes.

Soon after the December 30th incident, he promised to “investigate” the simmering conflict in Gambia, and to demand for the release of the bodies of the heroes, the rel;ease of political prisoners, and those who were assassinated through death penalty. So, Gambians and the Coalition of the Willing should not waste their valuable time to allow this professional hustler, Mr. Ibn Chambers, to earn his salary on them. This is a fight we have to win on our own, without the professional and international African, and elitist paper pushers, housed at the UN HQ in New York or in other cozy capitals of the world. Victory to the Coalition of the Willing led by Hon. Adama Barrow