Volunteer to sell copies of the d30 dcoumentary
Volunteer to be one of our sub-distributors to sell copies of our DVD “The Pain of a People: The Gambia’s Decades of Brutal Tyranny”. We will send you a small contingent of DVDs to sell.
Movie Night 4 Charity
Host a Viewing party for the compelling documentary, “The Pain of a People: The Gambia’s Decades of Brutal Tyranny”. Invite over a few of your friends, family, co-workers and colleagues for a popcorn, snacks and movie night… After the viewing party, pass a donation box for each person to make a donation towards the foundation activities. Contact us to provide you with information you can share with your guests regarding the mission and work of the foundation.
Host a fundraising event
ave an idea that would help the foundation raise funding or apply for a grant? Please contact us showing the volunteer form below or through our contact page.
Use the documentary to create awareness
We can brainstorm with you on how to effectively do so. For example, we can help you prepare for and make an appointment with your member of parliament, congressman/woman or other government official, decision-maker, HumanRights organization, advocacy body, international & regional bodies such as the UN, AU, and ECOWAS. Another example is that you can hold a viewing party for a large group of people in your community in collaboration with your local Gambian or African organization. Just contact us and we will help you figure out the best and most suitable way for you to use the video as an advocacy tool and raise awareness about the HumanRights violations and alarmingly deteriorating situation in The Gambia.
Collection drive for medical, used clothing, books, etc.
Hold a drive to collect medical supplies, used clothing, books, computers, and other useful goods that would be useful to the families and children of the heroes, especially those still in Africa and elsewhere. The Foundation may also donate such items from successful drives to other victims of the Jammeh regime who need assistance; as over the past 22 years the brutal tyranny in The Gambia has manufactured many orphans, widows, widowers, many victims, and mass suffering and poverty. The need is therefor great and growing.
Skills you want to share
Do you have a skill that you deem would be useful to the organization and would like to lend your expertise to us? For example are you a great grant writer, or a good event/party planner, or skilled advocate, or great speaker, or a great writer, or great fund raiser, or do you have an extensive list of donors, or do you have great contacts and strong relationships with funding organizations and other resource organizations? If so please contact us. Bee would love to have your help.
mentor & counsel children of the d3o heroes
Would you like to volunteer to mentor and counsel children of the December 30 heroes, or help them with their homework, tell them a story, chat with them about their Gambian heritage, or attend their sports games, or discuss the importance of the heroic sacrifices made by their father and the pride we have I them, or just have a general conversation with them? Many of these activities can be done via Skype and other free technology even if you cannot be there in person. These are tremendously impactful ways to help fill the roles that they are missing due to loss of their fathers. Such actions will also instill pride in these children (including the children of the living heroes), as it will help them understand the immensity of the brave sacrifices their fathers made and how greatly many people admire them. The foundation aims to help these children grow into well functioning, whole adults who are successful, and healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.