According to RFI, Pesident Mack Sall of Senegal, on Saturday, October 22nd,  inaugurated Africa’s largest solar power plant without much fanfare. The plant, located at Bokhol, in the North,  will generate 20 megawatts of electricity. The plant was completed in 8 months, with 25 Million Euros of direct foreign investment. So, it does pay to have a non-antagonistic foreign policy, unlike neighboring Gambia, under Dictator Yaya Jammeh, who has succeeded in isolating the tiny country.


This is what development looks like. It is about leadership accountability, being responsive, responsible and pragmatic. Not what Dictator Yaya Jammeh , for twenty two years, has reduced the hopes, dreams, aspirations, expectations of Gambians; endless, intractable, delusional ” Visions”, promises of the tropical “Dubai’s”, or “Singapores”!

Development is about people, not cold, impersonal monuments that are only meant to bolster the fragile and unaccomplished image of a Dictator, as is the sad case of Gambia under Dictator Yaya Jammeh, since 1994. Development is a concept, to create policies that would free the people’s imagination, freedom, ingenuity to invest and participate in building the country from the bottom up, not imposed from the top down, and managed by the oligarchy for their own selfish and material enrichment, hoping that the crumbs will trickle down to the battered and “ungrateful” poor, the intimidated, persecuted, terrified and  huddled masses of Gambia.

Development must be planned, prioritized, even, peaceful, non-exclusionary, non-discriminatory, without favor,   based on population need, achievable, must impact the lives of ordinary people who are Not obliged to return political favors, and it must be evaluated to determine the outcome. “Erratic” or ” Benevolent dictatorship” is no substitute for “real ” development that “lifts all boats”, and not just a selected few, the new class. Dictator Yaya Jammeh’s  concept of development is that latter; where he arrives at a problem, throws stolen money indiscriminately at people, and demand that they fix it quick, without addressing the underlining problem of criminal government incompetence, the lack of democratic participation of the citizens, nepotism and corruption on steroids, massive human rights abuses, the lack of foreign direct investment and international partnership and cooperation, a crumbling economy, chronic unemployment, hyperinflation, and the massive capital, brain and brawn flight.

In this state of affairs, it is the duty of every decent Gambian to oppose and defeat, this demonic, tyrannical and  criminal government of Dictator Yaya Jammeh, so that Gambians can begin to live again, thrive, like our neighbors, and not just survive. The general elections of December 1st is a turning point, and Gambians can longer afford to ignore the stark realities they are faced with, anytime they look outside, or look into the faces of the children. Please read the article below from RFI.